The idea for CrossFit Urban EDGE (or as we like to call it, our “box”) was based on our individual CrossFit journeys. After doing CrossFit for a number of years while living active lifestyles, we noticed significant improvements in our fitness levels and overall mental and physical well-being. Some of us who are athletes observed that CrossFit markedly improved our endurance and performance in our chosen sport.

It is our passion and belief in CrossFit which led us to create our box in order to help people like you discover your personal EDGE – getting you to feeling, looking, and thinking your best on your own terms and at your own pace.

Jeff Lin

Founder & Coach
B.Sc.(Chiro), M.Chiro, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

“CrossFit for me is the keystone to transforming myself both physically and mentally. I came across CrossFit during my last year in university whilst overweight and stressed out from all the assessments and exams. Through CrossFit I lost significant amount of fat and improved my physique as well as gaining mental toughness that allowed me to face both physical and mental obstacles with confidence and enthusiasm. As a chiropractor, the ideals are very much in line with how I live my life and what I teach to each and every one of my patients on a daily basis. Since moving to Singapore 3 years ago, I have noticed the growing popularity of CrossFit in Singapore but a distinctive lack of boxes here in central business district. Therefore, I hope to use my 6 years of CrossFit experience, as well as my profound knowledge in human movement/anatomy to help more Singaporeans gain exposure to CrossFit and transform their lives.”


Paul Michaele Loiz

Founder & Crossfit Coach, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

“I found Crossfit in New York 3 yrs ago and it changed my life. I discovered a passion that gave me the everyday feeling of self-progress & the ability to express fitness in my life – from competitive badminton, street dancing, finishing the grueling Tough Mudder course to running the race of my life, the New York City Marathon,
With Crossfit, there’s always something to look forward to & challenges to power through everyday, from humbling experiences like learning the highly technical “snatch” to the most uplifting moments of friends cheering me up as I did my very first ring muscle up.
Three years into Crossfit and I see myself stronger, more disciplined and yet I can only see a vision of me- even stronger, faster and healthier. The effects of Crossfit positively expressed in other aspects of my life- the surge of endorphins de-stress me, the strength & endurance helped boost my performance in sports & the positive energy helped me manage work better. By being a CrossFit coach, I am excited to share to other people this life-changing experience called CrossFit and I am committed to giving my best for the pursuit of other people’s personal progress.”


Lynne Frayna

Founder & Lifestyle Partner

“I believe in living life to the fullest.
For me, it means living my days full of energy, traveling the world, learning something new every day. However, I’m a classic case of a person trapped in the wrong body. I have always wanted to do a lot of sports, but I come with a baggage of being tiny and weak, and with it comes learning things the hard way. The fire in my heart has always been stronger than the muscles in my body. Nevertheless, through the years I have found my way to win and level up in Judo, spent 8 years on competitive dragonboat paddling, I’ve bungee jumped from Auckland Harbour Bridge, hang-glided off Tijuca forest in Brazil, surfed in Sri Lanka. I dive, climb walls and trek mountains. Moving to Singapore gave me easy access to wakeboarding and it has become the hardest [extreme] sport I have yet to master. This year, I got my eyes set on tennis, and then through friends I met Crossfit. Finally, it’s time for my muscles to level up!I know I will not be able to do these things forever, as we progress in life and career our days have become more of a juggling act. But I know that I can always keep that passion to stay active and fit. What is the best way to be truly engaged than to open my own box with friends? Do join me in my journey as I get to know Crossfit and its benefits and continue life’s adventures being active fit!”


Phuong Nham

Founder & Community Partner

“CrossFit really is a journey. It’s not the kind of gym you sign up to lose a few Kg for the beach. It is an entirely new approach to fitness and healthy living that can’t help but seep into every aspect of your life. Within the first couple months, I was already seeing so many improvements. I was getting stronger, learning new movements, toning up my body and building up my confidence. It was not easy at the beginning and I often laughed at myself when I was always the last one who finished the WOD. And understandably, all of the ripped super veterans were done far before me…but they had all converted into full on cheerleaders. You’ve got this! You can do this! Come on!…and they all counted down as I finished each one, ending the workout gasping, high-fiving, and feeling victorious.

CrossFit never failed to surprise me about what else my body could do… I still have learnt many different movements which I never imagined I could do before.. I practiced whenever and wherever I can, either it’s a lunge around the living room or a handstand in the office. I went to the box five-days-on-one-day-off and loved every sweaty moment.

Being part of a passionate team to build CrossFit Urban Edge is one of the best decisions of my life. I really hope you will see our box just as how we see it: it’s a community of support, aspiration, encouragement to learn and discover a better self.”


Eric Woo

Head Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
FIC (Singapore Sports Council)
Functional Training Specialty (American Council on Exercise) First Aid & CPR course

“With more than 3 years of experience as an avid crossfitter, I have applied the crossfit methodology to my daily routine not only physically but mentally as well.
I strongly believe it helps to adapt to various situations and push through difficult obstacles we face in life.
As a fitness trainer by profession, I would love to inspire and motivate you in achieving your fitness goals. I welcome you to the Urban Edge community and lets embrace the sweat, pain and joy together!”

Jarell Low

Box Manager & Crossfit Coach

Crossfit Level 2 Trainer
Crossfit Weightlifting Level 1
Crossfit Gymnastics
Crossfit Kettlebell
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Level 1
Diploma in Sports & Wellness Management
CPR + AED/ Standard First Aid

“Spending 2 years of my life in the Commandos made me realize just how much further someone with a strong mental fortitude can push. I never thought that I would have been able to walk 72km in 24 hours or spend 10 straight days out in the jungle with only 4 hours of sleep a day. But you never know what you are capable of till you have attempted it.Crossfit for me is unique and similar to what I’ve experienced because it’s not just a workout. It’s a dynamic workout that’s going to test your coordination, strength and endurance, and push you to your limits to do things you never thought you could, and to train you to be stronger both physically and mentally.

I hope that with my passion for coaching, I’ll be able to help the Urban Edge Community to get better, fitter and stronger every single day that they step into the box.”


Nelson Tay

Urban Gymnastics Coach

Singapore Armed Forces Physical Training Instructor
Crossfit Gymnastics
YTT 200HRS (Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course)
ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Trainer

“I have kept myself physically active since the age of thirteen through artistic gymnastics and breakdancing. It is amazing how different fitness activities can bring out the camaraderie between people and am glad that I have fostered many valuable friendships along the way. It is my honour to be part of the Crossfit Urban Edge Community.”


Peewee Dizon

Urban Yoga Coach
200 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training course Hatha Yoga, Goa India,
Yoga Immersions Anusara Yoga

“Yoga for me is like breathing. I do a form of it everyday and it helps keep me in tune with life. I discovered yoga in 2005 when battling an eating disorder and the depression that came with it. A good friend gave me a mat, brought me to a yoga class and from there I have never turned back. Mentally, yoga has strenghtened my mind. Physically, I feel flexible, stronger and younger than I was when I was 25. It’s always been my goal to share yoga with others, and as I grow older, I realise it’s a ‘slower’ form of yoga I want to share – to help others find their inner zen. ”