The idea for CrossFit Urban EDGE (or as we like to call it, our “box”) was based on our individual CrossFit journeys. After doing CrossFit for a number of years while living active lifestyles, we noticed significant improvements in our fitness levels and overall mental and physical well-being. Some of us who are athletes observed that CrossFit markedly improved our endurance and performance in our chosen sport.

It is our passion and belief in CrossFit which led us to create our box in order to help people like you discover your personal EDGE – getting you to feeling, looking, and thinking your best on your own terms and at your own pace.

Jeff Lin

Founder and Coach

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

“CrossFit for me is the keystone to transforming myself both physically and mentally. I came across CrossFit during my last year in university whilst overweight and stressed out from all the assessments and exams. Through CrossFit I lost significant amount of fat and improved my physique as well as gaining mental toughness that allowed me to face both physical and mental obstacles with confidence and enthusiasm. As a chiropractor, the ideals are very much in line with how I live my life and what I teach to each and every one of my patients on a daily basis. Since moving to Singapore three years ago, I have noticed the growing popularity of CrossFit in Singapore but a distinctive lack of boxes here in central business district. Therefore, I hope to use my six years of CrossFit experience, as well as my profound knowledge in human movement/anatomy to help more Singaporeans gain exposure to CrossFit and transform their lives.”


Alyssa Quynh Tran


CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Since starting more than two years ago in Sydney, CrossFit has helped me overcome my severe hyperthyroidism without the need to undergo surgery or continue lifelong medication simply by turning my health and lifestyle around. I love that no matter how far you’ve come, there’s always a new challenge to tackle – heavier lifts, different technical skills, more reps, faster times.
Not only has CrossFit improved my physical fitness and strength, it has helped me become mentally stronger. This has definitely helped me in all facets of my life, including my work as a lawyer. I now understand that the most important development is not what you can see – but how you think. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!
I want to inspire others through my own achievements and am excited to continue my journey with the Urban Edge community. Hopefully I can help others become fitter, stronger, healthier, and happier!


Samson Lau

Head Coach & Box Manager

CrossFit Lv1
CrossFit Gymastics
CrossFit Anatomy
First Aid/CPR Certified

“I started CrossFit when my regular workout routine no longer give me anymore breakthroughs! Through CrossFit, I’ve learnt how to embrace being uncomfortable in my workouts. I get to train with people, men and women, who make me a better version of myself. I coach because I get to learn alongside with everyone and I love being a part of a community that is “united in an understanding that all good things come out of blood, sweat and tears”


Phuong Nham

Community Partner

“CrossFit really is a journey. It’s not the kind of gym you sign up to lose a few kilograms for the beach. It is an entirely new approach to fitness and healthy living that can’t help but seep into every aspect of your life. Within the first couple months, I was already seeing so many improvements. I was getting stronger, learning new movements, toning up my body and building up my confidence. It was not easy at the beginning and I often laughed at myself when I was always the last one who finished the WOD. And understandably, all of the ripped super veterans were done far before me – but they had all converted into full-on cheerleaders. You’ve got this! You can do this! Come on! …and they all counted down as I finished each one, ending the workout gasping, high-fiving, and feeling victorious.
CrossFit never failed to surprise me about what else my body could do. I still have learnt many different movements which I never imagined I could do before. I practice whenever and wherever I can, either it’s a lunge around the living room or a handstand in the office. I went to the box five-days-on-one-day-off and loved every sweaty moment.
Being part of a passionate team to build CrossFit Urban Edge is one of the best decisions of my life. I really hope you will see our box just as how we see it: it’s a community of support, aspiration, encouragement to learn and discover a better self.”


George Dinu

CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“My CrossFit journey started way back in 2013. The first workout left me lying on the floor for about 15 minutes, gasping for air and wondering how that had happened to me, despite having a decent fitness level (or so I thought!). I continued coming back in the next days, weeks, months and years, continuously learning new skills and getting better at all possible physical tasks required and constantly expanded the limits of what I thought it is possible to achieve. No matter the country I travelled, CrossFit helped me meet great people which I am proud to call my friends. CrossFit changed my life for the better and by coaching I would like to help others either to get started or continue their fitness journey and become the best version of themselves.”


Alberto Fernandez Lopez

CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“One of the things that Crossfit have taught me is that is never too late to start your journey to health. I began practicing Crossfit after being 40 years old and it has allowed me to reach the best shape of my life but most important it has also confirmed me that with hard work you can achieve your goals and be healthier.

But perhaps the biggest discovery of all is the Urban Edge Community, being able to share the journey with such a diverse group of people and feel their constant support has helped to maintain the motivation and achieved results even beyond I would have imagined at the beginning.

Becoming a Coach has been a lifelong dream. I want to be able to return what Crossfit has given me over the years and be able to help others in their journey regardless of where they start to become healthier, more confident and the best version of themselves.”


Karen Ang

CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“I started crossfit in 2018. My goals back then were simply to finish the work out and remember to return for the next one. It was exhilarating, intense but comforting and satisfying. Within the span of 3 months, I knew it was not just another form of sports or exercise. It became a lifestyle. As I get physically fitter and stronger, my mental strength also evolved. I gradually matured into an improved version of myself every day. I sincerely hope I can pay it forward and also help others to realize their potential as well.”


Dorthe Assing Winckelmann

CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“I started doing CrossFit around 6 years ago by chance since my gym in Copenhagen opened up a CrossFit section. In the beginning I only used it as a supplement to BodyPump and spinning classes, but I quickly realised that CrossFit was going to be my first priority. What really caught my attention was the constantly varied training and endless amount of movements and workouts you could dive into. It never got boring. After moving to Singapore in the beginning of 2017, I joined Urban Edge as a member. The amazing coaches and community here made me take a much more consistent approach to my training and has made me stronger and fitter than I ever would have thought I could be. CrossFit to me is about constant challenges and getting outside of your comfort zone – and doing this together with the community makes it so much more fun! As a coach, I look forward to sharing my passion for CrossFit and help UE members reach their fitness goals.”

#AssingDottir (a girl can dream)

Chris Renata

CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“I found CrossFit in 2019 during the time when I was doing my rehab after tearing my surgically repaired ACL from soccer. CrossFit was definitely a breath of fresh air when I thought that I will be restricted to just doing cardio and hypertrophy exercises in the gym for the rest of my life. I could vividly remember the first CrossFit workout in the box, the first benchmark workout and the first Murph that I did because all of those were really humbling experience (It still is to this day for all of the workouts…). However, those workouts also hooked me into the sport even more because of the satisfaction from completing the workout, from learning new movements, and from knowing how far you have improved when I beat my old timing for the same workout.
It took me some time and a lot of courage to come in for my first class in the box, but looking back, I am really glad I did. Coming into the box to do the workout of the day, especially at CrossFit Urban Edge, is something that I look forward to each day, because it is not just about fitness, but also forging strong bonds with friends that quickly and easily become your second home and family. Becoming a CrossFit coach is one of the high point in my life and I really hope to be able to continue learning with the members and help the members in their fitness journey.



CrossFit Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

“My first class with CrossFit Urban Edge was also my first class with CrossFit ever. A small intro with the barbells led to an even smaller circuit which left me panting for breath. The use of functional movements combined with the intentionality of the programming was so simple and yet so rare to see in other exercise regimes. After that first class, I signed up with the box for a whole year; this was my jam.
CrossFit prepares you for the unknown and the unknowable, so one can deal with whatever physical and mental challenge life throws at you. I have seen a marked improvement in my approach at work and life outside of the gym as a result of the change in mindset that was honed while at the gym. CrossFit also prepares you for things you do everyday. I’ve seen the effect of my workouts translate into everyday tasks like lifting objects off the floor, putting stuff overhead, getting from one point to another in the fastest way.
And one is always learning! To this day, I haven’t found one athlete at the gym who is satisfied with what they can do. CrossFit has made me appreciate that health and fitness is an infinite game, and one definitely worth the chase.”