1. Everyone who wants to avail of the 1-Week Urban Experience Pass will be able to book URBAN EXPERIENCE slots only in our schedule, & NOT the other regular classes (URBAN WOD, POWER WOD,  URBAN WARRIORS, YOGA, GYMNASTICS). Please refer to our schedule below or our weekly schedule here.
  2. Once you sign-up as a NEW REGULAR MEMBER, it is mandatory to follow the next steps below:
    • BEGINNERS (those who have zero CrossFit experience or haven’t done CrossFit at an official CrossFit affiliate) –you will need to book the Urban Foundation classes which will introduce you to the foundational movements of CrossFit. You have one month to finish the program which enables you to graduate to the regulars WODs (Urban WOD & Power WOD).
    • EXPERIENCED (those who have at least 3 months CrossFit experience) –You can start booking the regular classes (URBAN WOD & POWER WOD) immediately. There is no need for you to enroll in the 1-month Urban Foundation program.
  3. Please take note Waitlist & Drop-Ins without bookings are not guaranteed slots
  4. Please note that advance booking is up to 7 days only.