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Our Classes


New to CrossFit?

If you are new to CrossFit our Foundation package will teach you the basic movements (squats, deadlifts, presses, cleans and snatches) to prepare you to confidently and safely perform them in CrossFit classes 

Includes 2x1h PT sessions and unlimited classes for 1 month ( HIIT and also CrossFit after completion of  the 2 sessions ) 


Want to Unlock Skills?

Whether you are starting in CrossFit or you are just need to work on your basic skills such as double unders, pistols squats, kipping movements, HSPU this is your class


Accessible to all members advance, beginners and new to CrossFit


Want to crush the running WODs?

Join our fun running club to help you master those tricky running wods.

Work on technique, endurance and strategy every session in a new fun location across Singapore


Done CrossFit before?


Want to Compete?

Whether you recently started at CrossFit or you are an experience athlete  our classes are designed to maximize your potential.


We follow Comptrain the longest standing CrossFit program. Take a look at some of our sample WODs:

Ready to take your performance to the next level? Thinking of competing?

The Warriors Program will allow you to work on high level skills & test yourself with more challenging WODs

Consult with our coaches to join

urban burn.jpg

Want a good Sweat?

Our Urban Burn program is a fun and intense CrossFit workout conducted outdoors.  Great for build endurance and test your limits


Accessible to all members advance, beginners and new to CrossFit


Following your Own Program?

If you are following your Own Program, cannot make it to any of our regular classes or want to work on your own, we have Open Gym slots daily Monday to Sunday


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Looking to polish your Gymnastics ?

A weekly class to work on mobility, form and skills to unlock your muscle ups, hand stands, handstand walk

We also run regular gymnastics seminars on specific movements.


Love Barbell ?

If you love barbell and Olympic lifting or you just cannot figure out the snatch join our weightlifting courses


Junior Warriors

Crossfit Kids.png

•CrossFit Kids is designed to encourage kids to get active pairing fitness with fun

•CrossFit kids teaches children functional movements through exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do when they play; pull, push, run, throw, climb, lift and jump.

•CrossFit Kids has proven to provide and improve agility, balance, and coordination along with many other physical skills that are fundamental to their development.

•Exercise itself has also seen beneficial results in cognitive function and academic achievement.

• Classes are suitable for Girls & Boys 5 years old and above, and performed in Safe environment by a registered CrossFit Coach

Personal Training

Get the most of our coaches experience

Schedule a specialized 1 on 1 personal training session (1 hour per session) with one of our experienced coaches to fast track your way into our regular CrossFit Urban WODs or simply to focus on technique work or level up your skills.

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